Monday, April 26, 2010

Reality or Illusion?

A confession:
I am a messy messy crafter.
I don't put away things as soon as I am finished using them. I do not fold back fabric after I have cut out the piece I need. It gets thrown away in a corner. Threads, scissors, needles, buttons are littering every surface. I suppose I like it like that. That is...until....I..can't take it any more!!!
Then I waste a whole morning cleaning it all up and it starts again.
So, my question for you today is this,
Do you want to see pictures the mess? or is it better to keep the illusion of a "Marthaganized" life. Do people really want to see the chaos that gave birth to my aprons? Or would they rather believe that they flew in on a gentle breeze through the window of my periwinkle cottage by the sea?
What do you think?


  1. YES! I want to see your pictures. We don't have staff to help us keep things neat, you know. It's reality. Eventually, you'll figure out a system. I always have some sort of garbage bin all over my workplace. I vaccuum when I no longer can see the floor. I reshift bolts of fabrics around now and then. Patterns are everywhere but at least pinned together per bag style (some are yet still to be labeled,oops!) I call it my organized mess. And it works for me!

  2. the mess is much more interesting!!
    Actually, I find the tidiness of some bloggers kind of nauseous. :D

  3. Don't waste a morning cleaning it all up!
    I used to be bothered by the messy aftermath of a crafting extravaganza but, if you let yourself get hung up and start packing as you go, I think this actually gets in the way of your creative process.
    When you do feel a need to organise your supplies do it then! It does make it clearer what you have to work with and encourage more ideas. I forget what I have in my stash sometimes! It also helps minimize time sorting when you are flat out into it again!